“I am happy to have found Dr. Joel Angyal about 3 years ago to be the family chiropractor. His expertise, professionalism and thorough examinations with chiropractic care are on point. He is amazing at targeting and explaining the causes of your pain and how to proceed with the treatments to follow. Not only do I seek treatment but my 6 years old daughter goes as well. She has been receiving treatment for the past 3 months. The results have been positive and rewarding. Even children need chiropractic care to prevent any future nerve interference regarding their overall health. Now, my daughter has fewer ear infections, fewer allergies, and less need for any medications like antibiotics.

Gina, the office manager, is friendly, personable and provides great customer service. The office offers affordable payment plans and scheduled appointments. It is also well managed and we look forward to attending our appointments especially during Halloween season when Gina transforms the office into a haunted attraction. My daughter and I are pleased and lucky with our overall health provided by the chiropractic care at Dr. Angyal’s office.”

Cindy Argudo

“I went to Dr. Angyal couple of months back. I really enjoyed the office setting. Dr. Angyal is a great doctor. Addresses any and all complaints. Gina is very knowledgeable and is opened about what is covered and what is not. I feel better and now I maintain my care. I really enjoy coming to this office.”

Maria Harmon

“I have to say I started out working as a Massage Therapist in Dr. Angyl’s office a few years back ( I wasn’t there very long), but after I hurt myself and couldn’t massage any more, I actually became his patient! I saw how very understanding he is, how diverse his treatments are and the extent of his knowledge is admirable. He has helped me recover and deal with my many issues that have plagued me since childhood. Not only is he a GREAT doc, but the office itself is very laid back. The receptionist is such a character. I love her! She actually makes it possible for me to bring in my therapy/service dog into the office when I have my appt! They are very accommodating and a pleasure to have them treat me. I would highly recommend the office to anyone who wants to be treated like family and worked on like he was working on a loved one. Everyone gets 100% as soon as they walk into the office. Don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”

Rebecca Johnson

“Dr. Angyal is a consummate professional. He is compassionate. He is determined to provide a proper diagnoses and treatment plan for all patients. He is the Only Chiropractor I will ever see barring retirement. Thank You Dr. Angyal!”

Maryann P.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Joel Angyal for 13 years. He is a great Chiropractor, has helped me numerous times with different problems including vertigo, which not to many Chiropractors can’t help with. Dr. Angyal has state of the art technology machines in his office to treat his patients…all treatments are done on the premises. I highly recommend patients who have not, yet, gone to his office for treatment and try his services. His attitude is very positive, listens patiently to you while you are describing your problem to him, then after his evaluation he starts the right treatment. Personally, sometimes I have gone to his office almost crippled with my back problems and I came out walking fine. His experience and dedication to his patients are the finest!!!”

Maria LaRosa

“My son was about two when I first started treatment with Dr. Angyal back in 2008 I had such horrific back pain that it was affecting my daily activities but most of all it was preventing me from enjoying my son. Within a few weeks after treatment began I was feeling much better and best of all I was able to play around with my son and pick him up without being in agony. Periodically I will return to the office when I’m in need of treatment. My son has received treatment from Dr. Angyal as well. The office manager is extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Angyal. If you are looking for an amazing chiropractor, you need not look any further because you’ve found him.”

Ana Cehreci

“I really like Dr. Angyal and his staff. He gave me a thorough exam and advised me of the treatment. I was feeling better in no time. I have been a patient of his for two years. I trust him. His office is pleasant and the receptionist is friendly and has allot of knowledge regarding insurance.”

Maria Williamson

“For over seven years, I have been going to Dr. Angyal’s office. My other family members have been treating there for even longer. Neither my family members nor I have ever had a complaint or problem, and I can easily say that we are all satisfied with the way we’ve been treated these past years. The environment is friendly and very comfortable. Both the doctor and the receptionist have been very resourceful and pleasant. Every time I come in, they sincerely ask how I am doing and advise me accordingly. Whenever I am getting a specific treatment done, the doctor explains how it will make me feel better as well as what I can do to feel better in the future. He is always very careful and takes every problem into consideration. Honestly, there is no other place I’d rather go to get treated.”

Ellis H.

“I have known Dr. Angyal since 2006 and I have to say that I am very fortunate to have been under his chiropractic care! My first meeting with Dr. Angyal was due to experiencing tremendous pain in my lower back. I previously visited a couple of other chiropractors for a specific amount of time and thought they were alright, however; I was still feeling very uncomfortable in my lower back. When I first visited Dr. Angyal’s office I was very impressed with how organized the office was and how pleasant the atmosphere felt. The receptionist, I believe deserves a lot of credit for the manner in which she handles the office and all of the clients. She is very perceptive and makes you feel welcome by being kind and showing sincere interest in helping you. Once I started under Dr. Angyal’s care, my pain gradually stopped in a short period of time and I started to feel normal again. He’s incredibly knowledgeable of the entire body and his chiropractic techniques are fantastic. I say this because, not too long ago, I injured my back again really bad, and had to visit Dr. Angyal for a problem with the middle, left side of my back. I was very concerned, due to fact, it was like if I was being stabbed with a knife and the pain was even worse when I inhaled! In addition, I was without insurance and was worried that I would not be able to afford treatments. As a result, I was shown that the payments are extremely affordable and, once again in a short period of time, Dr. Angyal helps me recuperate 100% proving to me that he is probably the most outstanding chiropractor in all of New Jersey!”

Gabriel Ardin

“I have known Dr. Angyal for 13+ years and I do not trust anyone else with my back issues. He is very direct and detailed and explains everything in the process. He explains the toughest situation in layman’s term and allows you to trust him and his experience as a doctor. The entire office experience puts you at ease! He really cares in getting his patient back to moving with no pain! Thanks Doc!”


“I went to see Dr Joel Angyal for an examination visit for my knee, he was very professional and personable during my examination. Very detailed in making sure that my treatments were as accurate as possible so that I was able to get back to my normal daily workout routines.

The office manager was very pleasant to work with, she explained the breakdown of my insurance plan and how much my co-payments would be. On a side note she tries to make the office visit and waiting time as enjoyable experience as possible that during the month of October she decorates the office to the festive holiday.”

Eddie Robles